Crystal Clear Pool Water

How we began hauling pool water in 1956

In the days and weeks after the devasting flood of 1955, Derwin C. Vaill and his son Derwin S. Vaill, did not return directly home from Hartford, CT after delivering their respective loads of milk. Instead, they drove directly to Litchfield to fill their tankers with fresh drinking water. Most of the water mains in downtown Torrington were destroyed by the flood, and drinking water was a scarce commodity. The Vaills were happy to be among the scores of people who helped each other out in this great time of need. The locations where the fresh water was to be distributed were announced on local radio station WTOR. People would line up with whatever containers they could find and be very grateful to get a few gallons of fresh water. 

One day a man approached the elder Vaill and joked that he'd bet the pool he was planning on constructing the following Spring, could be filled pretty quickly with such a large trailer. That's when the proverbial light bulb went off in Der's head, and the following Summer we began trucking pool water as a supplement to our milk hauling business. We have done so each year since then, and today, Mike is the 4th generation Vaill to haul pool water.

In the Spring of 2001 we were fortunate enough to be able to tap into the Torrington Water Company's main water supply line, and have been delivering what we consider to be the finest pool water available. We strive to deliver water on time and will work with your pool contractor to ensure prompt deliveries whenever possible. Please call (860) 482-5707 anytime for a free, no obligation quote.
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Derwin S. Vaill (right) taking a break from filling containers with fresh water.